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Mazkirah is the BBG Corresponding Secretary. Much like the AZA Mazkir, she is responsible for taking minutes and communications, though in some regions those duties are split between the Mazkirah and another position called the Katvanit, in the regions with chapters without the position of Gizborit or Orechet/Safranit the Mazkirah takes over their duties.

[edit] International Mazkirah

The international Mazkirah is the international counterpart too all the regional Mazkirim, Katvaniot, Gizborim, Orechetim, and Safranim, she takes minutes at International BBG Business, as well as coordinates the yearly ILTC (International Leadership Training Conference). She also appoints all chairwomen that have to do with communications, fundraising/ISF, and The Shofar.

The International Mazkirah is Mara Hahn from Lenoir City, TN and is a member of Gert Weinstein BBG in CSR (Cotton States Region)

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