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From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Size Large
Location A flying Zeppelin
Climate N/A
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots Mr. Underwood
Robot Louis Stevenson
Ivor Baddic
Fergal Stack
Nobby Peters
Warrant Officer Cain
John Smith
Vlad the Installer
Recommended Weapons Kruger 9mm (x2)
Remote Mines

Zeppelin is an in-flight blimp. Both the interior and top of the blimp are accessible. The interior of the blimp is split up into 3 main rooms. In each room, there is a jet that can be used to jettison yourself up a level. There are also ramps to achieve this task. On top of the Zeppelin, there are 4 fans that can be fatal if you get too close.

Easter Egg

Sign mistake
  • On the Zeppelin in the Sky Lounges, the walls have little signs next to the ramps up to the Hydrogen Storage and Bomb Release. There is a mistake in the way that the signs are placed. The Bomb Release is in the middle, where the trapdoor is, and the Hydrogen Storage is the two big rooms that are at the end of the blimp (were Red and Blue Base is).
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