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The following members are Administrators/SysOps, if you were directed here by someone's user page who claims to be an Admin/SysOp and their name is not on the list, report it to one of the real admins listed below.


Current Admins

Past Admins


How to Become an Admin

Users may be promoted to Admin status if they come under these categories to a favourable level. Not all categories have to be met, if only one category has been met but has been met excessivly, this can compensate.

  • The user has contributed greatly to the wiki
  • The user has helped correct problems on pages on multiple occassions
  • The user has helped deter spammers and abuse

If the occassion should arise, and an inactive admin is depromoted, a new admin may be chosen to replace them regardless of meeting categories. In this case, the most likely person to be promoted is chosen.

Users can apply to be an admin at any time by contacting a current admin. The admin will review the user and if accepted the admin will either immediatly promote the user or specify when they will be promoted (for example, the user may be close to promotion but just needs a few more edits).

If you have been Banned

If you were directed here in order to contact an admin, please view one of the Admins' pages or email here.

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