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Hey I'm Xylaquin (z'eye-la-kwin), and I noticed this wiki's link on wikipedia. I was gonna make a TimeSplittters wiki before, but didn't have the time, but now that I do I decided to register and contribute.

Me and this Wiki

I can be very productive at times, you can see this buy visiting my contributions page!

I have a very good knowledge of the MediaWiki
My Avatar
format, as you might notice it was I who implemented the Infobox system into this wiki (the boxes at the right that tell you stuff) the Sticky System (the little boxes in User Pages) and the Main page itself. Since there are few contributors who own TS1 I hope I can make this a successfull wiki by focussing on TS1 first then the rest.

My TS History

I got into TS1 when my neighbour bought his PS2 along with it way back when the PS2 launched. Since then I have bought all games for the PS2 format and I have the ability to play online too. My favourite character for TS1 & FP is Teeth Mummy, and my favourite TS2 character is The Impersonator. Out of the series I like TSFP the most, and TS2 the least.

I don't play the games often anymore, I got overhyped about TSFP. I was a member at ts3.net and was the main organiser of the TimeSplitters Machinima series, Yellow vs Green, at the moment it has been cancelled.


www.timesplitters4.net[1] - The sequel to ts3.net!
www.basementgfx.com[2] - A great community forum which also offers graphics desing (for free!). This wiki's logo was designed by one of the admins.

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