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I've completed TimeSplitters Future Perfect 100% with only golds and platinums and completed all stories on hard, normal and medium.

I can get to the Elite League on TimeSplitters 2, however, I'm especially rubbish at "Bags of Fun" and I either got no award, or a bronze.

Recently went back to play TimeSplitters, all but 1 challenge complete 9C) and completed all Easy story levels and unlocked all easy characters. Completed all but Mansion on Normal and got all characters from it except Mansion ones. Completed all but Mansion on Hard, getting all characters but Mansion ones.

I have my own wiki which has over 400 articles and my knowledge of MediaWiki is average. I can do a lot but other aspects I don't understand. But most of it is copying from a previous page and editing. I also nicked the sticky idea and the chat template, as well as copying the front page design thing, and a timeline. Oh well. Anyway, I am a graphics designer, I also make cards for my website. I am the admin of the TTWIKI and creator of Monsters 8, also called TimeSplitters. One of my Monsters packs that feature TimeSplitter Monsters... link. (The front card is lame)

I'd add more pages but I'm usually on the computer, and when I'm not I watch the TV or someone else (one of my brothers) playing on the PS2. However, I have noticed some of the times to beat to get characters a bit off and may edit them to higher known results. Some are more than a bit off.

Anyways, you actually read all this?

My helpful links

User:ILHI/My links

These are TS related info that will help fill in the blanks in some pages, so it generally can be used by anyone.

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