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This page is for the minor non-playable characters (NPCs) in TimeSplitters that don't have a big enough role to merit their own page. Note: Most of the names haven't been confirmed.



TimeSplitters 2

Alien Fly

The Alien Flies can be encountered in Return to Planet X. They die in one shot but attack in packs. When shot they explode and can cause damage to yourself.


The Bees appear in the Aztec Ruins. They are found around the beehives which can be shot with a flaming Crossbow to stop more bees coming.

Big Tony's Brother

Big Tony's Brother is a non-playable character in the Chicago level in TimeSplitters 2. In the mission, you must shoot his car, which is armed with machine guns, before it gets away. It you have succeeded, he will have a fiery crash outside of a tunnel. It is unknown what he looks like as the only time he has appeared is while he was in the car.


The Consultant was a suited character featured in the Arcade League challenge Men in Grey. He may also be one of the civilians on the NeoTokyo and Chicago Story levels. He has a similar appearance to the Lawyer and Accountant.



The Gunship is fought once you reach the top of the dam in Siberia in normal and hard mode. Defeating it is the last major objective of the level. The gunship has a machine gun and rockets at its disposal. The easiest way to defeat it is with the Gun Emplacement. Shoot at it non-stop until it is destroyed.


Hoverbots appear in Robot Factory. Shooting them causes them to explode. They are released from cannons from the wall, however, not all of them release a Hoverbot. They move towards you and blow up.

Machinist's Robot

Main article: Machinist's Robot

Motion Robot Turret

The Motion Robot Turret primarily appears on Robot Factory but also appears in But Where Do The Batteries Go?. Unlike the Robot Turret, the Motion Robot Turret has legs that it can release to give it movement. The Motion Robot Turret fires green Sci-Fi bullets at the opponent. You cannot see a difference between the Motion Robot Turret and an ordinary Robot Turret until you it reveals its legs or not.

Robot Turret

The Robot Turrets appear on Robot Factory as well as the Challenge, But Where Do The Batteries Go?. When a player moves into its proximity, it lifts its eyes/guns from under the lid and shoots green Sci-Fi bullets at the player. They are similar to Motion Robot Turrets but Robot Turrets cannot move, they stay on one spot.

TimeSplitter Machine

The TimeSplitter Machine appears in NeoTokyo in the hacker's base. Upon entering the room he is in, he will fire blue electric bolts at the opponent until they deactivate it. Standing around and shooting at it doesn't do anything, although the Reaper Splitter may be killed. The TimeSplitter Machine has the top half of a Reaper Splitter showing and the bottom half in a machine with green liquid.

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect


Beetles appear in the mansion of madness. There is hundreds of them and you kill them with a flamethrower.

Cleaning Robot

The Cleaning Robot is a little Robot that appears in Breaking and Entering. You need to call one to progress in the level.


The Ghosts, not to be confused with Ghost from TimeSplitters 2's NeoTokyo, are enemies encountered in What Lies Below.

Their only attack is to float towards you until they make contact. The attack is a one-time deal as they perish afterwards. The danger lies in that they are invisible and are immune to practically everything.

The only way to harm and see them is through the use of a Ghost Gun.


The Helicopter appears in 1969 on The Khallos Express and you have to help destroy it twice. A few HeatSeeking Rockets will take it our of the sky.


Main article: Princess


Railbots appear in You Genius, U-Genix. They run around the rails and take a few bullets to destroy.

Sentry Robot

The Sentry Robot were robots on tank tracks that guarded the rooftops in Breaking and Entering.


Spiderbots appear in You Genius, U-Genix. They crawl along the ground and take a few bullets to destroy.

Splitter Crow

Main article: Splitter Crow


Main article: Strudel

TimeSplitter Mothership

The TimeSplitter Mothership is briefly seen being shot out the sky in Time To Split and it is your job to shoot it down in The Hooded Man. It shoots rockets that can blow up from shooting at them. You need to man the Gun Emplacement to shoot it down.


The Worms were encountered in the garden of the Mansion Of Madness. They could, like the mansion wraiths, only be killed with the Flamethrower.


Wraiths are the black spirits briefly encountered in Mansion Of Madness. They are able to float and swift. You can only harm them with a Flamethrower.

They are the first enemy you fight in the mansion.

They also appear in the challenge Brain Drain, where any weapon can destroy them.

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