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Insect Mutant

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Insect Mutant
Unlocked by TS1: Village on Hard in 2m 20s
TS2: Challenge > Monkeying Around >
Simian Shootout with Silver or Better
Species Mutant
Size Normal
Accuracy 6
Agility 3
Stamina 9
Fire Proof N/A
Shock Proof N/A
Default AI 3
Native TimeZone 1950
First Appearance TS1 Story Mode
Relations None
Games TimeSplitters & TimeSplitters 2

Insect Mutant is a man's body with a large fly through his stomach. The fly's head is classified as the character's head, and firing at the man's head behind the fly is not a headshot. on his back its stands "Franks motors".He appears in TS1, and then reappears in TS2 as a classic character.But since not appearing in TSFP, he is no longer a classic character.

TS1 Gesture Runs around then runs off screen. TSFP Gesture N/A
TS2 Gallery Frank was always telling folks about UFOs in the skies over his garage but nobody believed his tales of alien abductions. Look at him now- what do you think? TSFP Gallery N/A
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