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Village (Story)

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In Village on Story, your objective is to collect the item and return it to the start.



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1 Player

This should be really simple. Just run through the level as quickly as possible, shoot a few people and pick up the item on the jetty. The people on it wont shoot you much or not at all. Now run back as quickly as possible. If you die don't worry. You will unlock bot set "Period Horror" for doing this.

If this strategy works, you should get under 30 seconds and unlock the cheat "All Heads detachable".

2 Player

To complete this as quickly as possible make one of you do the 1 Player strategy. While Player 1 is doing this, Player 2 needs to turn left at a turning and go through the passage between the buildings and kill the mutants and zombies. After Player 1 has the item, run through the passage. In the passage you wont get hurt and it's a quicker alternative.


Kill everyone in the buildings section. There are 2 healths in 2 different buildings, so if you've taken damage than get one.

The rest of the level is pretty much a narrow path so just shoot everyone in front of you and shoot the bots from the other side of the cliffs. Take the route through the cliff and shoot all the enemies. Keep going and shoot all the mutants. When you snatch up the item try and run back quickly. Most people should be dead. You can take the passage between the buildings.

If at any time you have taken massive damage before you can see the cave opening then you may want to get the other health at the beginning.

On 2 Player, try and make someone take the most damage and keep up Player 1s health. And there's always 2 health packs at the start.

On Hard, take more precautions and act more stealthy.

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