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A giant panda native to the Zone of Silence, Feist became a lackey of Ixis Naugus-like Uma Arachnis, Warlord Kodos, and King Maximillian Acorn-after being defeated by the wizard's magic, a fact that Naugus would later brag about. Sonic and co. first learned about him during their use of a machine to get into King Acorn's dreams. During a brief escape from the Zone, Feist joined Kodos in an attack on Sonic, but was forced back into the Zone.

Feist later became the ruler of the Zone of Silence after all of the Chaos Emeralds in the universe were sent there by Turbo Tails and Super Shadow, having been gathered by A.D.A.M. With his newly unlimited power, he fused all of the jewels into seven Emeralds of varying color. In addition, he reshaped the Zone of Silence, renaming it the Special Zone. Thanking Sonic for his new power, Feist gave him the grey emerald, saying that if he wanted more, he would have to work for it. Because they both see Ixis Naugus as an enemy, Feist came to regard Sonic as an ally-though this is clearly limited to their antagonism of the wizard.

Because of his species, Feist can be presumed to have strength superior to that of an average Mobian. As a result of his control of the Chaos Emeralds, he has also seemingly gained reality-warping abilities derived from Chaos energy.

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