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Rom Com is a series of seductions and romantic encounters strung together. Here's a (tentative) list of the scenes in order. Some may be omitted, either because no one has decided that they exist yet or because I didn't get around to adding them. But ideally at some point this will be complete.

  1. Opening
  2. Alex and Kati's Bet
  3. Alex/Hallie Seduction
  4. Girl Talk
  5. Invitation
  6. Graveyard Seduction
  7. Exposition
  8. Swingset Scene
  9. Chekhov Play
  10. Photo Montage
  11. Dylan/Hallie Fight
  12. The Party
  13. Hallie's Cheating
  14. Kati/Dylan Seduction
  15. Finding the Pictures
  16. Confrontation
  17. Dinner Sincerity
  18. Nick/Hallie Moment
  19. Everyone Is Somewhere Else
  20. Dylan/Alex Confrontation
  21. Alex/Aimee Seduction Two
  22. Alex/Kati Moment
  23. Dylan/Hallie Break-up
  24. Dylan/Aimee Commiserating
  25. Climax
  26. Alex and Kati's "Reparations"
  27. The End (Hallie and Nick)
  28. The End (Dylan and Aimee)
  29. The End (Everyone)
  30. The End (Alex and Kati)
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