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The Pirate Radio Index

An index of pirate radio stations on Merseyside and other areas of the United Kindom.

For most people on Merseyside, the first known pirate radio stations were the offshore stations of the 1960's such as Radio Caroline North, Radio Scotland and later Radio Northsea International. In the early 1970's, the new phenomenan of land based pirate radio started with stations like Merseyland Alternative Radio, KGW, Radio Eleanor, Radio Wombat and many more.

Anybody with knowledge of these stations is welcome to contribute.

If your station doesn't appear here, you can add it yourself by creating an account and logging in.

Here is a list of at least some of the Merseyside stations with more to be added as this page develops

Central Radio - Pirate Radio for Merseyside

Merseyland Alternative Radio

Radio Atlantis

Radio Merseywaves

Radio Wombat


Liverpool Broadcasting company

Radio Jackie North

Storeton Community Radio

Station M

Wirral FM Kiss FM



Concept Radio

Radio Julie

The Scene

Radio Xanadu

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