Nadine Tetchy

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Nadine Tetchy (age 21) is a junior at Bilgewater University. She is the sister of Barnabas Tetchy and a friend of Larry Bone. Her appearance is dykey and she has at least sixteen and a half freckles on her neck.


Nadine is nice enough, I guess, but she's very anal and likes to go into "take-charge mode" and try to control every situation, making her somewhat bitchy.

Nadine is a lesbian and thus immune to Larry's vampire charisma. In high school, she became a cheerleader so she could look up the other girls' skirts. For the same reason, she wears mirrors on her steel-toed boots. She finds out that Larry is a vampire when he casts no reflection in these mirrors.


Nadine is an A student and was probably salutatorian in high school. She is currently a journalism major and works for the school newspaper, the Refractor, making her eerily well-informed.

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