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Vampires are undead humans who drink blood.


Vampires in Larry Sucks:

  • Don't fly unless we get more money.
  • Sleep in coffins, or if that's inconvenient, dirt from their graves.
  • Have pronounced canines (hereafter "fangs") during biting scenes, but otherwise look like humans.
  • Cast no reflections.
  • Can cross running water.
  • Don't have to stop and count rice.
  • May not enter a living area unless invited in.
  • Lose their supernatural powers in the daylight and don't like it, but are not physically harmed by it.
  • Are repelled by garlic.
  • Are repelled by Christian holy symbols (cross, holy water, bible, etc.).
  • Can be killed by wooden-staking through the heart or decapitation. (This does not suffice, however, for they may be brought back to life by means of a secret rite that can be performed once a century.)
  • Will live forever unless killed.

Biting (including vampirogenesis)

Vampires are required to drink blood. If they don't, they won't die but they'll be pretty miserable.

A vampire biting a human and draining all of its blood will kill the human, but an unspecified amount of time later, he will rise again as a vampire. It's not possible to kill a human in this way without also creating a vampire. If you just want to kill somebody, you have to do it in a more conventional way (and if you still want the blood you can drain it after he's already dead).

The other option for biting is to only drink a little bit of blood. The human will survive and will not become a vampire, but will temporarily (typically for less than a day) become demented and eat bugs. During this time the human will also be under the vampire's control.

Notable vampires in Larry Sucks

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