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Larry Bone (age 18) is an incoming freshman at Bilgewater University, originally from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania (the heart of Pennsylvania).



Larry's major is currently undeclared. As a student he is mediocre, at best (he sucks).

Social life

Larry is somewhat of a social outcast because he sucks. He is heterosexual. He lives in 220A Husk Hall with his roommate, Roommate. Upon arriving at school he befriends Nadine and Barnabas, but other than that he's basically a loser.

He has the hots for Jessamyn, but she spurns him in daylight. In darkness she's all amorous toward him because of his vampire charisma, but he steers clear because he doesn't want to get too passionate and suck 'er dry.


Some time near the end of his time in high school, Larry was turned into a vampire, hence "Larry sucks" (blood). His parents, Larry's Mom and Larry's Dad, are aware of his vampirism and are very supportive.

As a vampire, he doesn't like Italian food. He sleeps with a bag of dirt from his grave, which his roommate thinks is weed, and he's always leaving the medicine cabinet open with the mirror against the wall.

When he eats people, he prefers to quaff them, but not drain them completely and make them vampires because that would reduce the food supply and increase the competition. He may end up going into economics. He's more conservative about killing people than the average vampire.


Larry basically wants to continue coasting through life with minimal effort, but adjusting to being a vampire and being in college is causing a lot of problems for him. If the schemes of the Legion of Doom or whatever else are making things suck more than they already did, he'll foil them, but he's not a do-gooder and is basically morally neutral.

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