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[edit] Basic Info

Creator: SBKT

  • This is a location in Kirby's Dream world, just West of Hillside Town and very hard to spot. It's still under construction, however.
  • It's a tribute to Weird Al Yankovic with his "Weasel Stomping Day". Debates are whether they should be other rodents are not.

[edit] Attractions

  • The one main objective of this is to make a fun mini-game which could be randomly started up by any administrator as a fun event. Anyone can participate as they stomp the weasels running about town. The rewards for the contest are counted by how many "Skins" You drop. Whoever drops the most wins a good 10,000 Kirby Coin sum, and the Ranks#Administrator takes the skins off to be dealt with.

[edit] Directions

Go to Hillside Town, and turn to the left. Go to where the partisans are and look in the north-west corner of the map. Go there and you'll be in Weasel-Town.

[edit] Hidden Features

The Weasel-Town project has been discontinued.

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