Hillside Town

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[edit] Basic Info

  • Hillside Town is an island nation located northeast of Popstar. It was supposedly named after Silent Hill, a videogame series which Dr. Killjoy enjoys.
  • Dedede Knights, Dedede Defenders, Dedede Beserkers and Gordoes appear everywhere in the town. Make sure you're properly armed befored entering so you don't get killed.

[edit] Attractions

  • Hillside Town contains a train station, and a part of the Golden Gun. The warp to the Legendary Space is also located there

[edit] Directions

  • Go to Brick Street. Go 2 maps west from the higher road, then follow the northern path until you reach a boat.

[edit] Recent Happenings

  • Hillside Town has recently been inactive

[edit] Notes

  • The only data showing that Hillside is located northeast of Popstar is the KDW Satellite Map (2006)
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