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This is Aleph Base - the JALassociatecomics wiki, the wiki for all associated works of JAL, primarily the Grand Marshal Duology.

Just what is JALassociate comics? Have a look here to know more about what we stand for.


Grand Marshal Duology


The Grand Marshal Duology.

The Grand Marshal Duology is a diptych of epic proportions. It documents the rise and fall of the latest enemy of the new New Order, a self-proclaimed Grand Marshal. It is divided into two episodes:

  • The Wrath Of The Marshal
  • The Fall Of Evil

The Remnant Threat was a small 6 - scene project started by JAL associates in winter '05, and was never intended to be extended into a trilogy until pre-postproduction. The current plan for the future Wrath of the Marshal has 16 scenes, and concerns itself with the return of the menace that is the Grand Marshal. The Fall of Evil is yet to be fully drafted. Have a look behind the scenes for the full story. However, a overhual has been called for, given newer technology and a review of the plot.

Grand Marshal fanon info

Grand Marshal fanonical characters Grand Marshal fanonical craft Grand Marshal fanonical locations Grand Marshal fanonical conflicts
Campaign of the Grand Marshal Fleet of the Grand Marshal Behind the scenes: The Remnant Threat Behind the scenes: Wrath of the Marshal
Soundtrack of the Marshal Duology

Breaking News!

Where we publish the occasional news alert

J Joined Wikipedia14/11/06

School's out for J and L! Holiday homework (boo! hiss!) aside, their set to have some fun! At least J is. Expect to see a lot more on the wiki here. To start it off, J's joined Wikipedia about two weeks ago and has left his mark all over. Take a look at his userpage by clicking on the linkity link. More about the elusive co-creater is revealed, but not his full name yet!

J's writing on Wookieepedia!6/10/06

J has added a ton to Wookieepedia's LEGO site! visit it at this link!

Disclaimer: However, J isn't credited on the edit page, so you'll have to take our word for it. He has added all the new sections (crafts, locations, scenes and characters). Perhaps you can recognise J's writing style. Enjoy!

Lego Star wars 2007 sets revealed!17/9/06


J can't help but put down his thoughts on the Lego sets he obtains. Have a look at the Reviews section here for more.


We're also concerned with the movies...

J's Holy Trilogy guide

J's holy trilogy guide: on indefinite hiatus.

Before the Grand Marshal came along, there were the three...

J's highly unauthourized yet credible guide to Episodes 4, 5 and 6 of the Star Wars saga explores these episodes and what went behind them, as well as provides tips on how to fully appreciate their splendour, for the geeky fanboy and the layman alike!


Anything else that doesn't fall under the previous categories, like any random fanfics and "about" information.

About J and L

About J and L

The elusive creators of the site let you in on more about them in this FACT(unlike most of this site)-filled section.

Thompson Colton: Agent of MI3

Oh ho! What's this? Ignore this section for now.

Batman: Masked Souls

J's labour of love, this is an epic fan-fiction screenplay about the origins of Robin (Dick Grayson). It's not complete, but is pretty much there, so enjoy this overload of fanboy-nerdiness!

Batman: Masked Souls The first portion also includes an introduction and synopsis.
Batman: Masked Souls Part 2
Batman: Masked Souls Part 3
Batman: Masked Souls Part 4
Batman: Masked Souls Part 5
Batman: Masked Souls Part 6
Batman: Masked Souls Part 7

Lara Croft and the Crown of Utama

Everyone's favourite smart, rich and good-looking female Indiana Jones - Lara Croft - is given Jedd's fanfic treatment with the Crown of Utama. This fic sees the intrepid ardchaeologist reunited with an old flame off the coast of Singapore, hunting from an artifact that is integral to Singaporean myth. This exciting fanfic sees Lara encounter modern-day pirates, get attacked by ancient glyphs, locked into a shipping container, engaged in a helicopter dogfight over Bangkok and so much more.

Lara Croft and the Crown of Utama Hosted by


P.S. This Wiki is not authorized, affliated with, nor endorsed by Lucasfilm Limited© nor the Lego© corporation, though we do want to thank the guys at these companies for the great ideas and sets we used to build upon. Except Lucas® messing up Episodes I and II. Otherwise, great stuff. Massive thanks to Wikipedia and Wookiepedia for comparison data and starship names, though not limited to that.

For the full thing please see the disclaimer by our legal expert, L.

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