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Name: Zl'naath
Race: Realms Beast, formerly a Shadow Dragon
Age: True age unknown because of bizarre time flow in the Far Realms.
Gender: Male
Size: Morphic. Can alter his size to be as small as a cat, as large as a mobile home. Is usually about the size of a horse.
Profession: Far Realm cultist, small cyst leader
Appearance: If you can get a decent enough look at him (see below: powers), he looks like a sleek, black, nearly transparent dragon, although some of the squirming bumps running down his back and tail might be slightly disconcerting. If you happen to get a decent look at his true form, you'll wish you hadn't.

History: Most of Zl'naath's life was unimportant. A small time pickpocket, burglar, and general thief, he one day heard about a big score. Some weird cult was going to do some kind of ritual, and the stuff involved was pretty expensive. He arrived at the ritual site that night, and using his abilities, made his way straight for the most valuable thing he could find. Unfortunately, this placed him right in the "center" (the cultists weren't exactly using Euclidean geometry) and focal point of the summoning ritual. Had he not been there, the ritual would have failed, and the cultists, having already tried this ritual a dozen or so times, would have given up and returned to their lives and dead-end jobs. However, Zl'naath was there, and as he touched the item, he removed it just slightly from its carefully calculated position, thereby creating the chaos and disbalance that those Far Realms beasties love so much. In a very anti-climactic lack of special effects, Zl'naath simply ceased to exist in this world. Half a moment later, he re-appeared, reborn, and proceeded to kill most the cultists for being so insolent as to try to summon their master and for failing so many times. Only three survived, and only because they were quick-witted enough to each grab their closest comrade and kill them as offerings. He then assumed leadership, and began to recruit new blood.

Powers: While he lost most of his draconic powers when he was reborn, he still has the ability to fade into shadows. This makes him near-impossible to spot except in bright light. As formerly mentioned, he can alter his size, although it is difficult to maintain either extreme. As an avatar of the Far Realms, physical contact for more than a few seconds will warp mind and flesh alike. He often uses this to reward his followers and torture his enemies. Finally, while he still appears to be a Shadow Dragon, he has the ability to assume a horrific, Lovecraftian True form.

The Cult: Zl'naath's cult is actually a small sub-group (or Cyst) of a larger Far Realms cult. Because he always sends one of his followers in his stead, the leaders have no idea that there is a Realms Beast that has taken control of one of their cysts, and that's just how Zl'naath likes it; he has no time to stand around and be worshiped, there's work to do. While he could assume control of the entire cult if he wanted to, he just doesn't want to. He believes that he can get more work done with his small group rather than have to deal with the bureaucracy of running the entire cult. While he may occasionally request materials, he prefers to work independently of the other cysts in order to maintain his hidden presence.

Goals: Zl'naath still draws power from the Far Realms, and has to occasionally open a new, temporary portal to replenish his strength. He wants to create a permanent portal from which he can draw power and become a true avatar of the Elder Gods.

Weaknesses: While formidable, Zl'naath can not last in a prolonged fight, and will use his shadowy abilities to employ hit-and-run tactics. Bright light forces him to fight directly, which he can not maintain. Also, as already mentioned, he must still draw power from temporary connections to the Far Realms. If isolated from these portals, he will wither and die.

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