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Yun has been a bunny for a little over a year, and on Mayhem for a little less than half that time. He is a proud Cajun, as well as an Air Force veteran. He is, perhaps, most (in)famous for his Classmates RP character, Kim Yamazaki, about whom the word "nymphomaniac" has occasionally been used in a descriptive sense.

He is also highly active in the Music Association Topic thread, and posts occasionally in Kylen's Interdimensional Bar.


Active Characters

  • Marie Thibodeaux (Aftermath II)
  • Amy "Mephista" Kim: (Gunslinger Chronicles)
  • Rogi Egnirys (Drifters III)
  • Trevor (Drifters III)
  • Roger Grayson (Meta-Human Twilight)

Inactive Characters

  • Kim "Kiya" Yamazaki (Classmates)
  • Tony Kim (Classmates)
  • Zack Tyler (Classmates)
  • Yun Cheol-Su (Kylen's Bar)
  • Yi Su-Roe (Kylen's Bar)
  • Noe Jeong-Gu (Kylen's Bar)
  • Choi Na-Bi (Kylen's Bar)
  • Sariya Dunthile (Kylen's Bar)
  • Quona Dunthile (Kylen's Bar)
  • Heather Nic Cathail (Originally in Magic School, later in Kylen's Bar)
  • TJ Cameron/Lord Líget Hræfna of Hræfnsweart (Dreamscape)
  • Pai (HHFO)
  • Yun (HHFO)
  • Kasumi (HHFO)


Theme Songs

Yun is one of the first Bunnies to assign theme music to each of his characters, a practice which has since been adopted as semi-official among the Classmates RP players. The following is a comprehensive list of songs he has selected.

  • Heather Nic Cathail (Magic School/Kylen's Bar): Your Spirit's Alive by Dropkick Murphy's
  • Yun (HHFO): Audience Killer Loop by Dir en Grey
  • Pai (HHFO): Obsession by See-Saw (.hack//sign opening theme)
  • Kasumi (HHFO): Kasumi by Dir en Grey
  • Choi Na-Bi (Kylen's Bar): Bodies by Drowning Pool
  • Tony Kim (Classmates): Come Undone by Duran Duran
  • Quona Shawiyi Dunthileyi Tonitri (Kylen's Bar): Kagiri Nai Yokubou no Naka ni by Hayashibara Megumi (Slayers OAV ending theme)
  • Noe Jòng-Gu (Kylen's Bar): The Way You Like It by Adema
  • Rogi Egnirys (Drifters III): ISnT (Industry, Science, & Technology) by Stefan Gagne
  • Yun Chòl-Su (Kylen's Bar): Wangkwan ùl Ssùn Babo (An Idiot Wearing a Crown) by the Yoon Do Hyun Band
  • Líget Hræfna (Dreamescape): The Imperial March by John Wiliams
  • Emily Phylar (Classmates: The Next Generation Chat RP): Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran
  • The Band (Kylen's Bar): Child Prey by Dir en Grey
  • Kim "Kiya" Yamazaki (Classmates): Forever Love by X-Japan
  • Amy "Mephista" Kim (Gunslinger Chronicles): Dancing with Mephisto by Enigma
  • Sariya Shawiyi Dunthileyi Tonitri (Kylen's Bar): Mián (Sleep) by Silver Ash
  • Trevor (Drifters III): Space Brew by MC Brew Guy
  • Joseph Nadice de l'Auvergne (Pirates): Be Quick or Be Dead by Iron Maiden
  • Yi Suroe (Kylen's Bar): I Ain't Drunk by Albert Collins
  • Roger Grayson (Meta-Human Twilight): Batman Theme by Danny Elfman
  • TJ Cameron (Dreamescape): Anakin's Theme by John Williams
  • Zack Tyler (Classmates): Zero Signal by Fear Factory
  • Marie Thibodeaux (Aftermath): The Spirit Carries on by Dream Theater


  • Yun is an obsessive pro-wrestling fan, whose main avatar is a performer.
  • Yun's forum avatar is a picture of the Japanese guitarist Die from the band Dir en Grey. They are Yun's favorite band, and Die is his favorite member.
  • Yun is one of the small handful of posters who can be described as both religious and conservative, though he is not a religious conservative.
  • The name "Yun" is short for "Yun Chòl-Su", which was the name given to Yun by his Korean instructor. It became shortened over the years due to the Korean language's resistance to romanization. The given name, Chòl-Su, went through five or six different spellings before Yun gave up.
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