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Windzarko is an EGS forumite with some fanart in need of improvement, and an RP thread called Edge of the Abyss : City of Twilight

The forumite

Real name James, Windzarko is a denizen of the UK, and a student at the University of Lincoln, hence the inherent laziness and spending far too much time on the internet.


Umbrael is a character in the Edge of the Abyss : City of Twilight RP. He is a winged man shrouded entirely in Darkness, but not actually Dark himself; he merely has that appearance. He is actually friendly, and fiercely protective of those close to him. He is a natural warrior, usually wielding a pair of golden katana which were forged with the power of his soul (however that very link means that they too are shrouded in Darkness), but also adept in hand-to-hand and many forms of armed combat. In extreme situations, he can unlock high levels of power sealed within himself and use it offensively, defensively, or restoratively, but using the power in any way causes great harm to himself.

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