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"So let's get this train wreck underway." - Tedd Verres

Well, how do I put this... I'm a Tedd, plain and simple. Nerdy, introverted, pondering and quiet shameless around those who know me. And always caught up in the persuit of scientific knowledge. And if not, I'm hoarding ideas like a dragon hoards gold. Favorite source: webcomics. I must've read over 500 archives by now. Many of them twice to improve analytics.

More to the point: I'm a writer. And psychology is my hobby, social psychology my area of expertise. That's why I like to stick around the board so much I guess. And at heart I'm a computer scientist, searching for/creating/working with pattern whereever I go, fragmenting every problem into several parts and always looking for the most elegant solution.

I'm mostly active in main, only popping in and out of mayhem on occasion.


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  • IMs (you need to authorize beforehand so let me know about that)
    • ICQ (33-567-29-88)
    • MSN (sturmspitze at hotmail dot com)
    • AIM (sturmspeik)
  • eMail (sturmspitze at googlemail dot com)


I love to do little EGS related projects to keep me busy. Mostly useful webpages and stuff... What has been done so far:

  • The EGS Personality Quiz
    • Find out who of the main eight resembles you most, concerning personality.
    • Link:
    • Latest update: now contains result pictures for the forum signature.
  • The EGS Color Index
    • a little color reference for those who want to color comics or their fanart.
    • Link:
    • Note: message me if you want to help fill the index.
  • EGS Fanart:
  • EGS Fanfic

Most of my projects - and all updates on them - can be found in my forum topic here

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