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Serendipity is a friendly bunny, and dreamer extraordinaire. He is also terrible at writing wiki pages! XD


Editorial Policy

Feel free to edit as you see fit! Well, maybe leave some things reasonably accurate, but if I have forgotten anything, feel free to add it!


Serendipity_EGS, who both is more often known as, and also simply prefers to go as, Serendipity is a bunny fairly often sighted in both EGS forums, but most often on EGS Mayhem, where he generally posts most in Last Post Wins!!!!!!!

Ser hails from the rather nice place called England. He would like to think he has a sense of humour and is creative, but really is just shy and probably a bit dull! He can also get a bit emotional at times, though this doesn't really show in his posts. He is a somewhat starry-eyed romantic who still holds onto belief in the usual dreamer things!

He also loves music, virtually any type of music from classical to Rock, and pretty much everything in between (Basically, I'll like something from every genre, even if I don't like every song!). Music is in fact one of his great pleasures. He will not, however, admit that he gets up and dances (badly) if he is in the mood!

He has tried to do some creative-y stuff though. He has put his pen to writing the odd piece of (extremely bad) fiction pieces which he posted.

He has also recently started to get interested in Anime and Manga. He has however little idea what to read or buy!

Ser's Characters



None (yet and hopefully ever!)

Factoids (aka Fluff)

  • Contrary to what many bunnies have thought, Ser is a male! (I'm Just That Girly! ;) )!
  • Is a major, major Lord of the Rings fan, books and films!
  • Stole the word "factoid" from a popular Radio 2 afternoon show! XD
  • Is doing a degree in Archaeology.
  • However, has no bullwhip, leather jacket, hat or amazing way with beautiful women.
  • Is hoping that giving Serendipity the last name Jones will help!
  • Is single.
  • Would quite like to be a writer in real life.
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