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Their flesh was wrought from the darkness of the void, their souls were wrought from the stars themselves. First there were five, now there are many.

Scribe have a multitude of abilities at their disposal. Mostly revolving around Essence.


Essence is in an invisible force the document everything that is in a special code. Nothing, I mean nothing, has been created yet that Essence cannot detect.


  • Semi-Corporeal Flesh: Only energy based weapons will harm a Scribe whilst in their true form.
  • Photosynthetic: Scribe feed off of light.
  • Empathsythetic: Scribe can also feed on emotions.
  • Essential Sight: Scribe can see all that is in its Essential Code. Think of it as seeing a game in the 1's and 0's that make it up and understanding what it means.
  • Essential Change: Essence usually reflects reality, but Scribe can reverse this and have reality reflect Essence. This by itself, will do nothing. Reality goes on, and Essence continues to record it. After temporarily empowering Essence, Scribe can change Essence thus causing a transformation. Think of this as a TF-Gun with editing abilities. The Scribe can also do this upon themselves.
  • Dark Egg: Scribe can imprint the Essential Code of themselves or other beings and creatures upon an egg made from their own flesh. An Egg needs to have more than one Code to be fertile.
  • Dimensional Crossing: Scribe can cross Dimensional Boundaries as easily as one crosses the Mexican Border.
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