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A longtime bunny, Q99 (sometimes shortened to just "Q") is an EGS fanartist (of great quantity and slowly improving quality); the author of a few short fanfics of a romantic but semi-humorous nature (aka the "short 'ships"), most notably the Goonmanji-verse fanfic where Tedd and Sarah (in each other's bodies) are paired off; and is a regular on a few RPs on Mayhem.

Q99 is also know as Zero (aka "Female-Q") and Geus (aka "Male-Q"), the former of which features in many pieces of art by Q and others.


Q99's current characters are Zero Stark of the Duplicates RP (a close approximation of Q's female self), and Shift / Razel / Maren / Yuel / Sam of the Myriad Genesis RP (a multi-personality shapeshifter).


F-Elliot and M-Susan party fanfic

Goonmanji dimension fanfic


Q's deviantART page

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