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Phoenix the character is a guy who can switch between a human form (male, 6'3", somewhat muscular, slim) and just about any species of bird. His favorites are the phoenix and the icebird.

Phoenix the poster is a bunny from Texas. He plays the bass trombone, but admits to having some problems (i.e. not taking big enough breaths). He is also Trumpet of Doom's younger bother brother (but bother works just as well).




  • 1 flame-decal skullcap (Firebird)(worn)
  • 1 mood ring (worn)
  • 1 sharp hand-forged pocketknife
  • 1 30-meter coil of braided Kevlar marine rope
  • 1 TF gun
  • 1 squirrel plushie
  • 1 cookie (wrapped in shiny plastic)
  • 1 6-pack of unlabeled soda
  • 1 dead fish
  • 1 candy sculpture (15% finished)

RP Character

For the Steel Spork Inn: Thepor

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