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Paradox is, just, like, this guy, you know? Only different. He hopes that someone can come up with a better description of him than this.

Paradox is somewhat different than most bunnies in that he lacks the duel personality disorder so common among his kin. There is little distinction between Paradox the Author and Paradox the Character. Even his RP characters tend to be quite like him.

He is rarely involved in RPs other than his own, although he swears that he'll get on with it one of these days. His first RP was a rousing success, an effect he has yet to duplicate with his later works.

Paradox is also the Keeper of the Wiki, following a Hostile Takeover involving Frickin Sharks, Frickin Lasers, and various combinations thereof.

Paradox244 also likes short paragraphs.

And Lots of Inapropriately used Capital Letters.


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