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Nightshadow is a semi-lurker on the Forums. He is one of the older bunnies on the board, having been around when carrot..? was but seventy pages long. Nightshadow is onto the RPing aspect of the board, and rarely ventures outside that zone.

Nightshadow's History

"I suppose my involvement in EGS goes way back to how I found the internet. In several years ago, my friend introduced my to an online game called 'Tanx'. Wanting all the features of the game, I required membership, and thus, and e-mail account. After getting it set up, I promptly lost interest in the game. I aimlessly wandered around the internet, 'til I found EGS, and I had found my Home(page). I joined the forums, but had no idea how the internet work, and made a fool of myself, and was never made aware of it. I eventully smartened up to the internet; key word being eventually."
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