From Egs Mayhem

He came over from the It's Walky! forums and has read EGS for a while. He's just never posted in the forums, but has so far enjoyed his time, though he does think that some people need to take out the stick.

He has three fanfics that can be read from the links in his sig. The largest, Fantasmas en la Nieve, is a victorian-esque fantasy, retelling the story of El Goonish Shive from that standpoint. It's good. Go read it. Another tale is a one-shot, Angels, about the moments before the Ellen x Nanase balconey scene. The other is another one-shot, Overheard Again relates back to a series he wrote for It's Walky! which were and are all innuendo-fics. FELN has gone to 51 chapters.

He hasn't decided yet on the main fanfic after FELN, though he assures his readers that the same quality will apply.

He also thanks all of his readers.

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