Mia Sharptooth

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Name: Mia Sharptooth

Age: 19

World of Origin: Felisar (Southern Continent)

Grade: Firstyear

Major: Artificer

Minor/Concentration: Ditzy Genius

Means of Acceptance: Sponsored by an alumnus ("godmother")

Appearance: A catgirl (anthrofeline) with charcoal-grey fur, blue eyes, and straight black hair, worn in a style slightly too long to be a pixie cut, but too short to form a bob. She stands about 5'6”, and has an athletic build (although she looks more curvy due to her fur being relatively thick). She normally wears as little as possible, mostly just shorts and a tank top, along with a belt having many pouches on it. The pouches contain many small items, some of them enchanted, and are lined with silk (silk being an excellent magical “insulator”). She favours bright colours in her clothing, usually primaries. Her homeworld (or at least the region she comes from) is extremely cold, hence her dislike of wearing too much clothing in "hot" weather. Her people have no nudity taboo, and she has no inhibitions about going "fur-clad" if she feels overheated.

History: Mia grew up around people who favoured magic over technology for tasks. Her uncle (who makes a living from the making and sale of enchanted items) noticed that she had an interest in magical items, and (once he felt she was old enough) gave her access to his workshop. This was not such a good idea, as Mia's creations did not always work as they were intended to; they either did not work at all, or had... unexpected side-effects. This may have been partly due to Mia's habit of skipping steps in the creation of her items... ;)

One of her godparents was an adventurer (and a regular customer), and Mia grew up hearing the tales of her adventurers in other worlds.

Her godparent visited just as they were cleaning up the results of Mia's most recent effort (don't ask). After discussing the matter with Mia's parents (and her uncle), she suggested to Mia that she might be best served by attending Sigil Prep. She jumped at the chance, seeing an opportunity to both improve her skills, and make contacts among the adventuring community.

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