Lanier Chrysoprase

From Egs Mayhem

Captain Lanier Chrysoprase is an RP character performed by ProfessorTomoe. She is what some would call a space pirate, but if she had to describe herself, she'd probably say she's a privateer instead. Either that, or she'd give the questioner a swift kick to the solar plexus and walk off without answering.

Chrys (her preferred name) has a rather extensive and unhappy backstory. She is a true survivor, living by her wits, her strength, and her association with certain key people (including ProfessorTomoe (the RP character)).

Her last name comes from the greenish mineral of the same name. Surprisingly enough, none of her physical features are green, including her eyes.

Chrys made her first appearance in the very first Keenfans RP. Right now, she is participating in the Grand Merchandisable Clash of Avatars RP.

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