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Kyrio refers to the Bunny that always talks, but never says anything. Sometimes known to draw things.



Kyrio is not known for his posting anywhere other than his own art thread or in a select few Mayhem games that interest him. He is, however, an accomplished lurker. He can be seen on either the main or Mayhem forums at pretty much all times of the day.

In the Wiki:

  • Has Added the Black Magic category to Spells
  • Added a description for the Spells category
  • Contributed to Paradox
  • Found the Snowman and was invited to Wikichess
  • Has decided to populate the Spells category


Kyrio's begun to take up the Dark Art of necroposting. He's gone everywhere from invoking dark gods to sacrificing the alphabet to keep the Keep Me Alive Thread.

However, due to the efforts of Lomgren, Kyrio has since given up the dark arts.

Black Magic

It's alluded that Kyrio is at least a Lv 7 Black Mage in that he has used the spell Lv7 Death in his necromantic rituals.

Spells in his Arsenal:


Kyrio often times partakes in projects that he announces in his Art thread. None of them have yet been finished, however.

  • Infernal Profile - Kyrio's own expirament in artistic improvement through online graphic novels. "Artistic Steriods" is believed to be the phrase that prompted him to try. Themes include Good vs Evil, Transformations, Overcoming Personal Devils, and Adaptation to Circumstance. 3 pages out. Currently on hiatus for rewriting.
  • ellen x ELLEN - An attempt at writing EGS themed music to a fictitious album. The songs are centered around Ellen, SLEllen, Nanase and prossibly Elliot.
  • Mission EGS-ible - A collection of screenshots and system theories of a videogame version of the main story of EGS from the first arc to the end of Painted Black. Can be considered complete, but there's a possiblity of returning.


He doesn't participate in RP's, so he doesn't really have a character to model himself after in his Avatar. Therefore, he uses memebers of his own ficitious species of demon known as Korin from his webcomic Infernal Profile. Korin appear to be bipedal felines with goat horns, bat wings, and lion tails. They are rarely taller than 4 feet.

Previous Korin Featured in Kyrio's Avatar:


Kyrio has since lost everything in his Newbie pack. If you find a stray Newbie Pack, please return it to him.

  • Hi-Potion x43
  • Potion x99
  • Ether x20
  • Pheonix Down x02 (Need to restock at next town)
  • Reflect Ring x01
  • (E) Ribbon x01
  • (E) Blizzara Ring x01
  • Panacea x04
  • (E) Hylian Shield x01
  • (E) Master Sword x01
  • (E) Hyrule T-Shirt x01
  • Moogle Belt (SoM Version) x01
  • Chaos x01 (I can't figure this out...)
  • Final Heaven x01 (I can't figure this out...)
  • 3/4 Soldier x05 (WTH do I do with this?)
  • All Creation x01 (I can't figure this out...)
  • Buster Sword x01
  • Masamune x99 (I love that glitch)
  • (E) Kokiri Cap x01
  • Kupo Nut x99
  • Gyshal Greens x24
  • Zeo Nut x35


  • Kyrio is an open Zelda Freak and Nintendo Fanboy. Debate with him at your own risk.
  • Actively abuses the "X" emoticons. Examples include "XD", "X3", "XP" and "XO"
  • Call Link an elf while he's in earshot at your own risk
  • Call Sheik a girl at an even greater risk.
  • Hopelessly in love with Tifa Lockheart. Incidentally, not for her chest.
  • Often thinks somethings he says are funny, but not to anyone else.
  • Has major modesty issues
  • Has multiple muses, that include, but aren't limited to, a pikachu of the same name, a Korin named Saber, and Raijal who's Moogley form is attained through a Moogle Belt of Secret of Mana fasion. (not to be confused with the Artmoogle)
  • Neither his pikachu nor moogle muses have debuted in the EGSForum or Mayhem.
  • The previous statement has been rendered false
  • Enjoy's Geek humor
  • 15 |=|_u3/\\/7 1/\\/ |_3375|*34|<
  • His birthday is April 7
  • His favorite letter is "S"
  • His favorite number is 5
  • While he finds transformations interesting, TG is his least favorite.
  • His favorite time of day is 3:26 PM and 44 seconds
  • Very easily amused. Especially by innuendo
  • He finds tails oddly fascinating
  • Has been in one Keenfans comic (#42 to be exact XD) [1]
  • The above has also ben rendered false, thanks to Brylian_Troy's KF chapter.
  • He's actually the one writing this article and has absolutely no idea what he's doing...
  • He has been stealth-glomped by a random reader of this article.
  • He's liked sea potatoes since he was seven.
  • He likes to name fonts.
  • He tends to name fonts he recognizes.
  • Has had his hair braided by his sister.

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