Kerin Na'Fayer

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Kerin Na'Fayer

Race: Were-cheetah

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: Dark, worn fairly short.


Kerin has three forms, which she can shift between at will: fully human, what she calls “hybrid” form, and quadruped.

  • In human form, she appears as a young woman, about 5'6", with short dark hair, and an athletic body.
  • "Hybrid" form: Anthro-cheetah, about six inches taller than her human form, and muscular. She prefers this form, except when attempting to keep a low profile in human towns.
  • Quadruped form: Looks much like a house cat, except about twice as big. She retains her intelligence, but cannot speak.


Kerin's foster parents instilled in her a strong sense of right and wrong, and raised her on tales of dashing adventurers. Since becoming one herself, she has learned that it's not always as easy as the tales made it sound, but she generally tries to do the right thing. She's a good-natured sort, and can be a touch impulsive.


She was raised in a town, the only one of her kind (that she knew of). Her foster parents were fairly influential, which perhaps accounted for her being more accepted than might otherwise have been the case (her father was the town blacksmith, her mother taught school). Which is not to say that she was fully accepted by everyone, especially when she hit puberty, and the other side of her heritage manifested...

At eighteen, she went out into the world, seeking a cure for what she saw as an affliction. Instead she learned the truth about herself; that she was a were-cheetah. She did learn a great deal; how to control her shape-changing, for example.

She has been making her way across the land, supporting herself as an adventurer.


In hybrid form, she can run about twice as fast as a human, is considerably stronger, and can see in the dark. In quadruped form, she is faster still, but only in short sprints. Her ability to shift forms is still not perfect, and she must spend one hour each day in her quadruped form. This does have its problems: she cannot speak in her quadruped form, and anything requiring hands is right out.

Having supported herself for many years as an adventurer, she is a skilled fighter with hands and feet, or with the staff that she carries. She also carries two throwing knives, and is an expert with them, either hand.


Kerin carries very little, most of it in a backpack. Her main item of equipment is a collapsible staff, which she wears in a holster on her belt. Her usual clothing consists of a sleeveless tunic, short leggings, and sandals. Since she generally favours her hybrid form, she prefers not to wear a lot of clothing.

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