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Yar, here be Freek.

  • Name: Xxrûlkherhx Vlÿntyr
  • Nickname: Freek (don't ask, the story's involved)
  • Age: Appears 27
  • Actual Age: Ageless, technically, though he did have a childhood...
  • Hair: Brown, long, wavy, done back in a ponytail
  • Eyes: Green
  • Skin: Light
  • Family: "Sister" Grim Tolyen, "Brother" Atescu Valermi, Daughter Eshlidvânya Avirnêya
  • Personality: Freek is a very strong proponent of "honor before duty", to the point where he will do something that goes directly against his current duty in order to preserve his honor and the honor of those around him. He doesn't believe that if his duty is wrong he should be forced to do it, and will go to great lengths to justify his attempts at honorable conduct in the face of duty conflict. He is also, despite his best attempts to hide it, a hopeless romantic, like most of the Author Brothers.
  • Clothes: Freek tends to wear sweaters, sweater-vests, and long-sleeved shirts with khaki or cordouroy pants. He tends to prefer lighter colors, especially warm browns. His clothing itself tends to be heavier.
  • Other Appearance Details: Freek has a thin white scar across his chest, a remnant of his training.


Freek was raised in the Vlÿntyr clan as a member of the First Order, the Order of the White Dawn. Trained from the first day by his father to be a demon hunter, he was quickly given his father's ethics, including a belief against killing innocents and a need to determine the guilt of another before destroying them. His adeptness with machines and technology led him to build several different devices that he uses extensively (including modified stasis pods, a whole plethora of computer-aided character design programs, and a Character Synthesizer.

Early in his career, he met a lady who would later become his Muse, one Lisyândva Avirnêya. He called her "Lisa", which originally caused her to poke fun at him for supposed inability to pronounce her name. Over time, however, the two became fast friends, and then Author and Muse. It was at some point thereafter that he began developing feelings for her. These affections were returned, and eventually they were married.

However, after twenty years, Lisa became pregnant. She was a Muse, and so pregnancy with someone not a Muse was not only foreign, but dangerous. Eventually she gave birth... but she died in childbirth. Her last request was, screaming and all, "see that she doesn't... AAAAAAGH! ...become like me... AAAAAAAGH! ...please, Xxrûl... our daughter... AAAAGH! give her... a good... life..." As Eshli came into the world, Lisa's last act was to name her. "E-esh-li-dvâ-nya..."

Freek took care of her, developing an elaborate cover story and cutting himself off from the world for the first six years of her life.


Freek's genius with machines leads him to become a master mechanic - you want him to fix it and give him four minutes alone, he'll not only fix it, but increase its efficiency without diluting its output. He is also capable of doing a "pseudopatented glareofdeath", which can cause others to shudder and feel threatened.

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