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Davecom3 is a mathematician, a player of forum games, and a punster (Be aware of this! Puns are dangerous if taken incorrectly. They have serious side effects which may include dry eyes, a wide grin, a frown, a groan, or an irresistible urge to start laughing.). He also has interests in video games, roleplaying, music, and books. He also might consider himself a fan of learning, while generally avoiding the studying that goes along with it.

Davecom3's take on roleplaying is versatile, tending towards how Dave might consider himself, though he avoids being too powerful in his characters as a general rule. In the forum, if you see his characters Dave or Debra being talked about, they are effectively considered his masculine and feminine traits, or effectively Debra is how Davecom3 believes he'd be as a girl/woman; Dave is effectively his take on himself. Rodrick Etheria of Magic School combines several thoughts of how he'd consider himself as a defender but Rodrick easily developed since then. Puck has his own unique personality as a jolly prankster god in Parthenon High, and Fabel is Davecom3's first attempt to play anything close to evil, a demon who believes the city of Boston is his own amusing toy, trying to cause large amounts of mischief without revealing himself.

His taste of music varies widely; so long as he can get the beat and understand whatever words there are, he'll probably enjoy it. His taste in books leads more to the fictional, fantasy and science fiction generally. His taste in video games would be more the strategy/rpg than the action style.

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