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Brief Description

Cara Mage is a Plushie Sashca, created by the Chaos Cold, and magically animated by Alex & Michael Mage. Therefore Sashca is her mother, and Alex & Michael are her fathers. Of course, Michael is also her uncle, and her older brother. She's also effectively married to a half-brother, Durai Mage.

She has many things in common with her mother, but is different in key ways. These will be covered in the following sections.

The one currently walking around is actually from a dark, alternate future. Her past self, alas, died when Fort Mayhem crushed the Plushie Underground.

Physical Description

She is a 9 inch tall plushie of Sashca. However, there are some difference. For example, Cara doesn't wear any clothes. She also doesn't have the ability to change colours. Also, being an animated kids toy, she isn't anatomically correct.

She does, however, still possess retractable claws. Except they're only really little needles.


In many way Cara is like Sashca. She is also intelligent, friendly & curious, with no sense of modesty & a tactile nature. However, as an animated toy this is less of a problem. She also has similar views on family, but does place some importance on parents. However, she is completely happy with her form & doesn't have any of the cultural views that being a Squid at one point would entail.

She is also a lot more affirmative of character, which is saying something. This manifests itself most blatantly with Durai's antics and is often in the form of physical violence. In fact, their love has become tainted on both sides, thanks to their ordeals and what have you. As an example, Cara has contingency plan for killing Durai, if ever she needed too.

Finally, Cara is scared of water. Also, she is a bit of a prude when it comes to biological functions. She finds them unpleasant, but tolerates them provided they are in a appropriate time and place, eg, eating in a restaurant, but not in the street.


Cara is an animated Plushie. She counts as an object for physical things, so can't be TFed by normal guns, but has a spirit/soul/whatever. She's also surprisingly tough, as she doesn't have to worry about bleeding, internal organs, hydrostatic shock, etc. However, she does burn well, and still feels pain.

In addition to that, Cara has a magical affinity for music of all kinds. She has a fantastic singing voice & can learn to play any instrument very quickly, though she is best at wind instruments. The music itself is as magical as normal music, but of exceptional quality.

Finally, she has tiny, needle-like, retractable claws.

Mary Sue Rating


Probably not a Mary-Sue, although a character can go either way at this point. Fanfiction writers should pay attention to ensure that their characters aren't getting too Sue-ish. For an RPG or original fiction character, however, you're probably perfectly fine.

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