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Confirmed Facts

Real name: Christian Friis Sørensen

Real location: A nice little apartment, in a nice little town, in a cold and wet little country.

CFriis is currently 22 years old, unemployed and trying to become an evil genius with a specialty in technical design, so far he has succeeded in becoming an evil genius and super-villain known to most as "Lemonator", not much is known about his secret identity and the only pictures of the nefarious mastermind available are of him in his "Lemonator" costume (shown below). His long term goals include gaining control of the entire world (for it's own good of course) and possibly finding a girlfriend if there's time for it. Previous nefarious plots meant to increase the misery and suffering in the world that can be attributed to him include but are not limited to: Kids in public listening to crappy techno or rap music on their cell-phone speakers, addictiveness of MMORPGs and the cancellation of the TV show "Firefly". However CFriis is actually a really great guy, and on top of that, he's Danish. He joined the ranks of the Mayhemites in March 2006. He is best known as the creator and GM of one of the more successful RPs on Mayhem (Classmates RP) in which he spent his time evilly stringing other Mayhemites along into one evilly awkward situation after another.


A Legend Is Made

CFriis used to be more active in Mayhem before he got a job at a factory outside a nearby town, he was online every day bantering and role-playing in various threads. But as fate would have it, he got a job that he soon grew to hate with a burning passion but nonetheless kept until the day he entered the service of the Royal Danish Military Regiment of Guard Hussars. The time he had available to use on the Mayhem forum grew shorter and shorter, until he decided to give up attempting to keep his beloved Classmates RP alive and soon thereafter disappeared from Mayhem, leaving only small signs and traces of his immense genius behind. Long after he had finished his military service, he was on another forum when he suddenly felt a sensation he remembered from a much simpler time, what he felt was an almost primal urge to tell stories in the company of like-minded individuals, and his thoughts fell on that old familiar place of chaotic fun. After a couple of attempts he entered the correct username and password and stood back as the huge, dusty, wooden doors slowly and quietly swung open. And he entered once more, the realms of Mayhem.

Now he's trying to come to terms with the changes that have happened since he left the place, and is currently waiting for a chance to role-play again as his original favorite RP character "Christopher Miner" in the Dead RPs RP.

Miscellaneous Information

CFriis is usually just called Friis... but whatever you do, don't call him Friss... I'm SERIOUS. You'll regret it.

CFriis has mastered the art of knitting couches and armchairs but has never actually been seen knitting an armchair.

CFriis originally created Classmates RP out of frustration and spite, because he could not join an existing RP with a similar theme.

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