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Big Nutter, often shortened to Nutter. Calling him B'utter is considered an insult.

He is an irregular visitor to Mayhem, but is very active in the Main forum. He has several characters, known as Nutter's Crew, that may appear in his posts. The most common character, except for Nutter himself, is Kat Kleinson.

Unlike most people, his characters are displayed graphicely, using custom computer game sprites, not with <Character Name>.

Nutter does 3d renders of Other bunnies Characters, and most can be seen here.

The Sprites

The Sprite Style officially called Version 3.03 Sprites. The naming system is not to confused with forms on the TF gun

Version 1: Nutter's largest collection, but due to clarity of the images this system was dropped. On this system's first day Nutter recites Team Rocket Motto! The recitation itself!

Version 2: Similar to Version 1, but larger for clarity reasons. Several Version 1 sprites where converted to Version 2, and these conversion are known as 2.01. This Collection focuses on Nutter and his current members. This System contains Nutter as the Pink Power Ranger, and Some characters from Final Fantasy 7, although "The Flower Girl" also has a Kingdom Hearts Sprite.

Version 2.5: Just before Version 3, this system was to correct some worries and to keep changes in line with finalised changes to happen in Version 3. This is identical to Version 2, except for people looked closer to their Version 3 sprites. Since Kat was constantly mistaken as a guy as she had hair tied up, she had let it down for identification. Also Nutter and Kat appear as Team Rocket! Currently Active with Version 3, when Version 2 sprites has a "guests" appearance, as all Version 3 sprites have a Version 2 or Version 2.5 sprite.

Version 3.0 C: Current system. There are several poses that allow certain expressions. This sprite set is primarily used in the Forums. The Letter in the name stood for a word that sounds like "carp." So when read out aloud it may sounded like this: "Three point oh carp!". It was a joke that the intended audience did not get. Currently Active with Version 2.5.

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