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Page 326

Wiki notes

  • A good deal of this page is taken up by Space Stuff.
  • Some posts have been truncated by forum upgrading.

Ann's house

  • Rose and Aurora continue teasing Lomgren, who does not take it well. He wanders off, upset.

Freek's House

  • Freek and Nonah continue watching movies.

Page 327

Ann's House

  • Sage and Likal discuss what to do with the sentient ink.
  • Lomgren walks outside, and stands there to think about his feelings.
  • Rose suggests that Aurora join Ann and Ann-KF. Aurora is afraid that it would freak Ann out. Also she doesn't to leave Rose out of the action.
  • Sage arranges a spell which will balance out the personality of the ink, and asks the others (Likal and JJA) to join in, to make the spell work more quickly.

Page 328

Ann's House

  • Homer and Helen argue, then Helen goes off to find Lomgren and ask him about working in his bookstore.
  • Sage, Likal and JJA begin casting the spell on the ink. Atescu adds his own effort to the spell.
  • Aurora talks with Lomgren about his feelings for Ann, and offers to wake her up. Lomgren gratefully accepts.
  • Back in Ann's bedroom, Rose spots a certain shoebox, and discreetly pushes it further under the bed with her tail.


  • The Midnight Stalker What Stalks at Midnight leaves an announcement of his/her presence on the building opposite Ann's house. In letters ten feet high.

Page 329

Ann's House - Hallway

  • Helen approaches Lomgren, and explains that she would like to work with him at the bookstore.
  • Lomgren thanks Aurora, then turns to Helen. He explains that while he could use the help, he doesn't want to set up until the prankster is caught.

Ann's Bedroom

  • Aurora steps up to Ann's bed, touches Ann's forehead, and vanishes, leaving her dress behind.
  • Ranma-chan HomerNet manifests empathic abilities, which is not comfortable for her, considering the activities going on in Ann's mind...


  • Helen grabs Lomgren's paw, and starts dragging him out the house, intent on getting the bookshop up and running right away in spite of any possible pranks.
  • Lomgren protests that the books have not yet arrived, and won't be there until tomorrow.

Ann's Mind

  • Aurora enters the palace where Ann's figment and Knave are. She knocks on the door, and is invited to join in. she does so.
  • Aurora explains why she's there, and she and Ann-KF leave, promising to return.

Ann's Bedroom

  • Both appear back in Ann's bedroom, sans clothing.
  • Ann awakes, and flinches in spite of herself at the sight of Aurora.
  • Aurora puts her dress on, and leaves, followed by Rose.

Page 330

Wiki notes

  • The time is noted to be approximately 4:20pm by the time Aurora emerges from the bedroom.
  • A certain amount of Space Stuff and OOC chatter is on this page.
  • Ranma-chan HomerNet is still wearing the leather outfit she was somehow dressed in.

Ann's House

  • Ranma-chan HomerNet storms out of the house, and heads over to the Rex. Once there, she takes up her position behind the bar, having forgotten about what she is wearing.
  • Helen comes to a halt, disappointed by the "no books" news. She says that she'll have to come back tomorrow.

The Rex

  • Squato is highly amused by Homer's outfit.

Ann's House

  • Lomgren explains that he doesn't know when exactly the books will arrive. He looks around for a clock, wondering if there will be time for everyone to be ready for the party today.

Ann's spare room - I think

  • Sage finishes the spell on the sentient ink.
  • Likal asks if they can restore from backup if anything goes wrong.

Elsewhere in the house

  • Kraggi possibly goes into convulsions.

Ann's bedroom

  • Ann is frustrated with herself, realising that she was the cause of Aurora's taking off. She then realises that she is in her own bedroom, and asks how she came to be there.
  • Ann-KF explains that Aurora and Lomgren carried her in.

Ann's Hallway

  • Lomgren spots Aurora coming out of Ann's bedroom, and realises that Ann must be awake. Aurora confirms this, as she heads back in.

Pages 331 to 335

Page 331

Wiki notes

  • There appears to be some confusion about where Sage, Likal and JJA are operating on the sentient ink.
  • AP fills the plothole with water, and goes for a swim. JJA joins him.
  • They finally settle on Sage and Co. being over in a corner of Ann's bedroom.

Ann's House - Ann's bedroom

  • Lomgren follows Aurora in, and sees Ann awake. He's very relieved.
  • Ann's ears are unsure whether to point forward or back as Lomgren and Aurora enter. She settles for trying to focus on Lomgren.
  • Lomgren just barely keeps from hugging Ann, and asks her how she feels.
  • Aurora asks Rose what's under the bed. Rose is evasive.
  • Sage comes over and greets Ann. He asks Ann if she remembers what happened at the lake.
  • Ann does remember, and asks if Lora is all right.
  • Rose whispers to Aurora bout what she found at Lomgren's, and stashed under Ann's bed.
  • Lomgren assures Ann that Lora is fine, and says that he's more worried about her.

Page 332

Wiki notes

  • The time is noted to be 4:20pm. The party is still scheduled for 5:00pm.

Ann's Bedroom

  • Ann assures Lomgren that she's all right, really, then notices Likal, whom she hasn't met yet.
  • Likal introduces himself, and leaves to gather supplies for the party.
  • Ann asks if anyone knows what a "Farlan" is. Nobody present knows the term.
  • Grim hears Ann's voice, and rushes into the room.
  • John(JJA) mentions his giant demonic dog, and Grim promptly vanishes under the bed. Lomgren nearly joins her.
  • Ann asks John not to mention his pet again, since it's spooking so many of those present.
  • Rose tries willing Grim not to find the box.
  • Grim is really upset, and curls up around an object she finds under the bed.
  • Lomgren asks Jon to leave. (There appears to be some confusion over the spelling of JJA's name.)

Page 333

Ann's Bedroom

  • Ann leans over, and reaches under the bed in an effort to reassure Grim.
  • Grim takes hold of Ann's paw, but is still upset.
  • Ann climbs down off the bed, and puts herself half under it to talk to Grim. Ann-KF joins them.

Probably Ann's Spare Bedroom

  • Kraggi wakes up, and is miffed to find that there are no people crowded around his bed.

Ann's Bedroom

  • Sage senses the resentment, and correctly deduces that Kraggi is now awake.
  • JJA goes to check on Kraggi.

Probably Ann's Spare Bedroom

  • Kraggi hears the bits and pieces of conversation from the bedroom, and concludes that Ann has raped Grim. A fine example of Kraggi logic.
  • JJA greets Kraggi. Kraggi asks where he is, and what happened.

Page 334

Ann's Spare Bedroom

  • Kraggi is hungry and asks if there's any food around. JJA tells him yes, and suggests he check in on Grim.
  • Kraggi gets confused by JJA's explanation of why Grim is under Ann's bed.
  • JJA patiently explains the sequence of events to Kraggi.
  • Kraggi asks what happened, and ehy did he pass out. JJA gives him a brief recap.
  • Kraggi is upset by this, and decides to lie down for a bit and talk to Sanje.

Ann's Bedroom

  • Grim is slightly reassured by Ann's declaration of her being family.
  • Ann-KF realises that this will make Grim her stepmother in law. Grim is a little confused by this, but accepts the explanation that Ann thinks of Ann-KF as a sister.
  • JJA comes back in and tells everyone that Kraggi is lying down a bit more.

Page 335

Wiki notes

  • Some discussion as to how bright the moon is, especially the one over the Deathmanse.
  • The time is noted to be 4:25pm.

Ann's Bedroom

  • Ann-KF introduces herself to Grim as "Knave".
  • JJA pokes his head under the bed, to check on Grim and to give her the news that Kraggi is awake.
  • Lomgren unfreezes, and also looks under the bed, to check on everyone.
  • Grim slowly comes out from under the bed, still holding Ann's paw (and the box).
  • Ann suggests that seeing Kraggi might cheer Grim up a bit, and starts cleaning Grim's face.

Pages 336 to 340

Page 336

Ann's Bedroom

  • Ann is puzzled by the box, as she doesn't remember putting it under the bed.
  • Rose quietly slips into the the walk-in closet, unnoticed.
  • Sage says that he needs to check on Kraggi as well, and put some wards on him.

Ann's Spare Bedroom

  • Kraggi contacts Sanje in a scene the details of which are omitted for budgetary reasons. His eyes glow a bit.

Redstone lake

  • Nyx bursts into song.

Ann's Bedroom

  • Ann-KF and Aurora put two and two together.
  • JJA suggests that Sage add an exception to the wards for himself.
  • Aurora suggests including everyone he's met so far on a whitelist. She also wonders if she counts as one herself.
  • Grim walks out into the hall, looking for Kraggi and still carrying her safety box. She drops it when she spots Kraggi, and rushes to his side.
  • Ann suddenly recognises the box, as it falls open and half it contents spill out. Whoops.
  • JJA also spots the pictures, and quickly gathers up the box to give it back to Lomgren.
  • Sage also spots the pictures (much better eyesight than a mere mortal and all). He's rather surprised that Lomgren's tastes run that way. he then wants to know why Kraggi's eyes are glowing.
  • Ann-KF and Aurora are curious about the pictures.
  • Lomgren is confused about the pictures, since as far as he knows they are at his house.
  • Ann says she is not allowed to talk about the pictures. She sees Kraggi and says that he'll be done in about 20 minutes or so.
  • JJA quickly hands the box over to Lomgren. He's also trying to not think about how he finds Aurora attractive...

Page 337

Ann's House

  • Aurora gives Lomgren the cute eyes, and the dramatic "Pweeeze?"
  • Lomgren says that if the pictures are his, nobody gets to see them. He asks Jon to hand over the box so that he can check.
  • Ann half-closes the door to the spare room to Grim and Kraggi some privacy. She tries to figure out how the box got to her house, and under her bed.
  • Lomgren takes the box, and checks. Sure enough... Cue blushing. He also wants to know how it got there.
  • The Knaves have no idea about the box.
  • JJA suggest the prankster might have been responsible.
  • Ann wants to know who this "prankster" is. JJA explains about the ink.
  • Lomgren is worried about the prankster, and wonders if he should cancel the party.
  • Sage offers to set up wards to keep the prankster out.
  • Ann asks Sage to set up some wards on her study door.

Page 338

Wiki Notes

  • Kraggi's description of his conversation with Sanje is described as "It's SPIRIT CONTACT! WOOOOOO!"
  • The time is noted to be 4:30pm.

Ann's House

  • Lomgren decides to hold the party after all, but worries about it being too late to let everyone know.
  • Sage sets up a ward on Ann's study.
  • Atescu finds a book, and asks Sage about the meaning of one particular word in it. The word apparently is "paper".
  • JJA offers the use of his PA system to let everyone know of the party going ahead.
  • Ann realises that it's too late for her to come up with a dish for the party. She also realises that Rose is nowhere to be seen.
  • Lomgren accepts Jon's offer, and heads out, bumping into Helen en route.
  • Jon uses his PA to notify all of Mossy Knoll of the party.
  • Sage teleports out, to set up the wards on the Pavilion in the park, and to arrange some foodstuffs for the party.

Page 339

Likal's Place

  • Likal assembles some supplies for the party.

Ann's House

  • Ann goes to check on Grim and Kraggi. She asks the Knaves to find Rose.
  • Aurora agrees to do the honours. Ann-KF realises that she forgot to obtain sandwiches for the party, then remembers that they can be obtained form the Rex.
  • Ann warns her to make sure to label the sandwiches, just in case.

Pavilion in the Park

  • Sage sets up the wards to keep out the uninvited, then teleports out.

Tower of VOR

  • Lora turns in her sleep. The sound of the loudspeakers isn't enough to wake her.

Ann's House

  • Ann taps on the door of the spare room, and asks Grim if she'd like to help prepare something for the party.
  • Grim says that she wants a little time with Kraggi first, and promises to arrange soemthing.
  • Ann heads out, looking for Freek and Atescu.
  • Aurora pokes her head into the closet, looking for Rose, while Ann-KF follows Ann out.
  • Ann and Ann-KF talk about the sandwiches as they walk down the road. They part company; Ann heads for the park, and Ann-KF heads for the Rex.
  • Lomgren thanks Helen for waiting, and tells here that Ann is fine now.

Sage's Tower

  • Sage grabs some items he has for the party, and heads out.

The Rex

  • Ann-KF steps in, and asks for some sandwiches, and other items for the party.

Page 340

The Rex

  • Sqauto asks what Ann-Kf would like, and Ann-Kf orders an assortment, with the TF drinks to be labelled.
  • Ann-KF asks for it all to be sent to the park, and invites Sqauto to come as well.
  • Squato tallies it up, and present Ann-KF with the bill.

Ann's House

  • Aurora follows the sound of a giggle to a metal chest in Ann's closet. She knocks on the lid.
  • Rose tries to spring out at Aurora, only to discover that she is locked in the chest.
  • Aurora tries to open the lid, only to discover that Rose has the key. Inside the chest with her. Oops...
  • Aurora summons the Scythe, then rips a portal to where Ann is.

Pages 341 to 345

Page 341

Ann's House, and the Street

  • Ann recovers from a near heart attack from having a portal open right in front of her without warning, and asks what Aurora needs a spare key for.
  • Aurora explains that the original key is with Rose - who is inside the box.
  • Ann says that she has no spare key, but does have lock-picks available.
  • Aurora then gets an idea, and has Rose scratch on the inside of the box, to locate the key. She then uses the Scythe to cut a small portal to inside the box, and grabs the key (and part of Rose) that way. Having done so, she then closes the portal.

Ann's House

  • Aurora opens the the box with the key, and Rose springs out and pounces her. The lid of the box then slams down on Rose's tail. Ouch...
  • Rose and Aurora then head to the kitchen for an ice-pack for Rose's tail.

Ann's Kitchen

  • Rose finds an icepack in the freezer, but has nothing to hold it on her tail.
  • Aurora then portals off to a room in the Deathmanse, and returns with a hair-band with a skull on it.
  • Rose grabs a second ice-pack, and Aurora fits the hair-band to hold both ice-packs in place on Rose's tail.

Likal's place

  • Likal packs up his items for the party, and sets out.

The Rex

  • Ann-Kf pays the bill, in gold, then leaves. On her way out, she winks at Homer, and compliments her on her outfit.

The street

  • Lomgren and Helen head for the bookstore, to get Lomgren's wagon. They'll need it to haul Lomgren's suppliers for the party.

Page 342

Ann's House

  • The "secondary effect" of the hair-band starts to take effect, and Rose's fur starts to turn black.

Freek's Place

  • Freek and Nonah are watching the end of a movie, as the announcement of the party is heard. They decide to go.

The Street

  • Ann stops for a moment, then crouches down and removes her boots.

Ann's House

  • Rose watches the progress of the black changing her fur, lifting her clothes out of the way.
  • Aurora offers her Scythe as a mirror, so Rose can see the effect of her fur and hair turning black. She rather likes it.


  • JJA arrives at the pavilion. He's early, nobody else has arrived yet. He places his special food and drinks on one of the tables.

Bookstore Lomgren and Helen arrive, and Lomgren shows off his new bookstore (as yet devoid of books).

Page 343

Ann's House

  • Rose strikes a ninja pose.

Lomgren's House

  • Ann knocks on the door, waits a bit, then realises that no-one is home. She then heads off to the Author Bros. home.

The Rex

  • Homer goes to help Sqauto prepare the supplies to be delivered. She has forgotten (again) what she's wearing...

Ann's House

  • Rose asks Aurora if the Scythe can fix the clothing, and Aurora lets her use it.
  • Rose then experiments a bit with changing her clothes.
  • Aurora uses the scythe to change Rose's outfit into a ninja outfit.


  • Lomgren and Helen collect the wagon, and head for Lomgren's house.

Author Brothers House

  • Ann knocks at the door, and is greeted by Freek.
  • Nonah greets Ann, and asks if she's feeling better.
  • Ann has a bad reaction to Nonah.

Page 344

Author Brothers House

  • Ann first denies that she is afraid of Nonah, then admits it.

Ann's house

  • Rose admires her new look, then uses the Scythe to change the ice-packs to black. She then does the splits in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Author Brothers House

  • Nonah stretches her wings. This is enough to push Ann off the edge.
  • Ann makes her excuses and leaves - in a hurry.

The Rex

  • Squato asks Homer to help move some drinks. Pallet loads of them.


  • Lomgren sees Ann bolting for her house, and chases after her.
  • Helen continues to pull the wagon the rest of the way to Lomgren's house.

Ann's house

  • Ann sees Lomgren chasing after her, and stops on her front step to let him catch up.


  • Rose stands up again, and asks Aurora if she's bringing anything to the party.
  • Aurora explains that Ann-KF is getting supplies from the Rex.

Ann's House -Front Steps

  • Lomgren catches up to Ann, and asks her what's wrong.
  • Ann explains that she was upset by Nonah.


  • Rose hears Lomgren's voice outside, and goes to the front door.

-Spare Room

  • Kraggi finishes up the yogamantic ritual, and is hugged by Grim.


  • Rose is almost to the front door, when she hears Kraggi's voice, and heads for the spare room.

-Front steps

  • Ann and Lomgren talk. Ann reassures Lomgren that she is OK.

Pavilion in the Park

  • Sage appears, carrying things for the party, and finds JJA already there. He puts his things on the table, then heads back to Ann's house to check on Kraggi.

Page 345

Ann's House -Steps

  • Ann gives Lomgren a kiss, and sends him on his way to get the party ready. She then steps up to open her front door....just as Sage arrives via teleport.
  • Ann steps back a little, and greets Sage, who apologises.
  • Ann and Sage then go inside.

-Spare Room

  • Rose pokes head around the door, to asks if Kraggi is all right.
  • Kraggi mistakes Rose for a ninja mafioso, and tells her that he paid them last week.
  • Rose blinks, then decides to play along.
  • Sage enters, and asks if Kraggi is all right.
  • Kraggi dives under the bed, much to the confusion of Sage.
  • Grim stands between Kraggi and the "doorway ninja".

Pages 346 to 350

Page 346

Wiki notes

  • Kraggi is revealed to have been hiding under... the nightstand.
  • More space stuff on this page.

Ann's House

  • Rose realises that she has gone too far with the joke, and backs off.
  • Ann arrives, and is amused at Rose's new outfit.
  • Aurora explains about Rose's tail getting crunched.
  • Sage wants to put some wards on Kraggi, who says that it's taken care of already, and wants him to get rid of the "ninja mafioso".

Pavilion in the park

  • JJA summons three small demons, and sends them on a mission to obtain "the special drink" for the party.

Ann's House

  • Sage suddenly has the sensation of being punched in the stomach repeatedly.
  • Ann asks if Sage is all right, and he (after picking himself up) explains that he is fine, he just did something stupid in not putting an anti-teleportation field on the Pavilion. He is also rather annoyed at JJA, who he knows is there.
  • Ann asks for a ride to the pavilion on Sage's teleport.
  • Rose, annoyed at Kraggi's intransigence, removes the magic hair band, which returns her hair to its normal colour.

Page 347

Wiki notes

  • Most of this page is taken up by Space Stuff.


  • JJA tries to balance a chair on two legs, and fails. Ouch.

Ann's House

  • Sage, now fully recovered, agrees to take Ann, and asks if anyone else wants a ride to the party.
  • Kraggi perks up at the mention of a party.

Lomgren's House

  • Lomgren opens his front door, and gestures Helen inside. He then takes the box inside.

Page 348

Wiki notes

  • Lots of Space Stuff on this page.

Ann's House

  • Kraggi jumps up, sending the nightstand flying.
  • Ann casually catches the flying furniture, then stands near Sage, ready for the teleport.
  • Rose slips the headband on to her arm.
  • Aurora also moves next to Sage, and takes Rose's and Ann's paws. Ann flinches, but doesn't let go.
  • Kraggi and Grim also accept Sage's offer, although Kraggi is still wondering why Rose has become a ninja mafioso.

Page 349

Ann's House

  • Sage teleports the group to the Park.


  • All arrive, and Ann immediately pulls away from contact with Aurora.
  • Sage strides over to the Pavilion, to have Words with JJA about bypassing his wards without permission.
  • JJA explains what he did, and Sage forgives him. Just.
  • JJA explains that he brought food and drinks, and greets Rose (whom he calls "Miss black cat ninja lady".
  • Rose is rather pleased with her new title, and introduces herself.
  • Sage then puts an anti-teleportation field on the Pavilion to prevent any further incidents.

Page 350

Wiki notes

  • Nearly half of this page is taken up by Space Stuff.
  • JJA's "special drink" is noted to have different effects on each person who drinks it.

Park pavilion

  • Freek, Nonah, and Ann-KF arrive.
  • Aurora asks JJA about the special drink. He explains that it has a different taste to different people.
  • Sanchay pops up.
  • Kraggi greets Nonah, and apologises for the attempted killing of her earlier.
  • Nonah accepts the apology, and gives Kraggi a hug. Kraggi is not terribly enthused by this, but returns the gesture.
  • Likal arrives.
  • Sage greets Nonah, and apologises for the holy light spell. She accepts the apology.
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