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Parties are usually announced early and occur during the time of year when something special occurs (and usually on the first of the month). They involve a mass amount of members logging in at the same time and some special surprises occur given by the administrator, Francis.


Jun 01 2007 - First Party

Yellow Magikoopa suggested that everyone visit the site at the same time to have a party. Everyone though it was such a good idea, that Francis created a dedicated forum just for the event. It was a resounding success, and started a digibutter tradition.


New Fads

  • Party Avatars
  • Dancing
  • Various Party games

Jul 01 2007 - Second Party

Because the first party was such a success, a second party was announced by Francis. Because of the official announcement, there was much better turnout, but some thought it wasnt as good as the first.


New Fads:

Jul 04 2007 - Fourth of July Party

Just a few days after the second, another party was held to celebrate USA Independence Day. A no-spamming announcement was made to stop flooding and many were sad. There was a lower turnout, because it was a weekday and many were away for the holiday.


Aug 01 2007 - Dump Goodbye Party

To celebrate (or mourn) the destruction of The Dump, a party was held inside the The Dump forum and for the first time coins could be earned there. As the end drew near, the skies got dark, sirens were flashing and even the angry moon appeared. At the end there was a huge underground explosion and when the dust settled The Dump was no more.


Sep 01 2007 - RP Party

A party was held to celebrate the new Role-Play Characters feature and the end of summer vacation. You could post as alternate characters in the party forum. This party had the highest turnout of all, with over 50 members online at one point, almost eclipsing the most-members online ever.


Oct 01 2007 - Zelda Party

A party was held to celebrate the release of the Nintendo DS game Zelda Phantom Hourglass. The party forum required you to post as a special zelda alternate character.



  • Fear of The Moon

October 31 - Halloween Party

Before the Party

  • Zelnor, having Halloween 9 hours before anyone, killed nearly half the members on Digibutter.


  • Release of the Wolf Pendant, Vampire Potion, T-Virus, Silver Arrow, Ice Arrow, and Monster Cure.
  • Full moon
  • Full out war between Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies, in which the Zombies took a few people down to literally 0 HP with their infective bite, the Vampires bit an insane amount of members, including inactive members, and the Werewolves got slaughtered.
  • Many members lost in the crossfire got bitten by Vampires, and wasted a lot of coins trying to stay a non-Vampire.
  • Alts were able to be used everywhere for the day. Surprisingly enough, few people used this.

November 10 - Super Mario Galaxy Party


  • Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Freezie items were added.
  • The whole forum got an epic new space-themed banner that was made by none other than the awesome Bowser Jr.
  • Princess Peach was captured countless times but foiled by that loserific goody called Starman, who unleashed a powerful blast on Mecha Koopa.
  • Koopler changed into Bowser Jr. whilst Bowser Jr. changed into a Mecha Koopa. Things got rather confusing from that moment onward....

December 31 - Nerr Year's Party


  • This party was spammy, and led to the creation of Coin Topics.
  • Nothing special really happened.

February 2 - Sammer Bowl I


  • Everyone had a Sammer Guy alt for the day.
  • Digibutter got hacked. *see next section*

February 2 - Destruction of Digibutter


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