Divo and the void

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On the 2nd of February, 2008...

...something bonkers happened, involving a hacker and the void. But I didn't see it. Stupid timezones.--Gold Prognosticus 10:32, 3 February 2008 (EST)

Me too! AARGH!--Light Prognosticus

The Facts

  • DIVO = VOID (Swap the letters around!)
  • Forums were deleted.
  • The Dump was brought back.
  • Mods were possessed.
  • In order to restore the mods to normal, the members had to complete certain challenges in order to get them to give up their Pure Hearts
  • Franis was the final Pure Heart
  • Digibutter sank and was reduced to a *crag*ing chat room.
  • Dark Prognosticus was locked up.
  • There were mixed feelings about the day. Some thought it was TEH EPICS while others thought it was PHAILE.

The Moderator Challenges

Goomba/Giga Goomboss: Remind him that he once loved the site by replying to his first ever post/topic.

Plastic Mario/Sol Sol's challenge was a fight to the death in RPOT. He was defeated eventually by Simsmagic

The chat conflicts

  • SpammerGuy posed as Francis and said discontinued digibutter. Nice try, spammer...
  • Gold Prognosticus died 3 times.
  • Spammers (PaperLuigi4Ever AKA Doo_liss) impersonate a lot of people

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