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The Dump was one of the 19 forums of, also being the spammiest. Post count didn't go up here, so Coins were not given, although one could lose coins by Necro-Bumping threads or Double Posting. Being the spammiest, many people posted stuff which could've lead them straight to Digibutter Prison. Many members enjoyed hanging out here when nothing else was going on. There were frequent flamewar attempts to break the forums.


Since General Discussion was getting so spammy, Francis made a forum where people could spam there heart out. However, after being abused with too much mature content, the dump was destroyed, locked and hidden. It was then replaced with Off-Topic.

The explosion of The Dump was of course, created by Francis. but when he set the explosive, he didn't have enough time to get out, and was caught in the flames. after some time, he came back from the living dead to become Phrancis, a combonation of Francis and Phoenix, a legendary bird that rises from the ashes and cannot be killed. He then turned back to Francis, and everything was back to normal. At least, whatever IS normal for digibutter.

An alternate theory about the Dump's destruction is that Francis triggered the clamps holding the Dump to release, sending it into the Digital Sea. Francis couldn't get to the Way Tower in time, and was devirtualized. One of Francis' Meowmaids, feeling the need to get Francis back into reality, started a program that rescued Francis from the sea. But the Meowmaid made a typo during the materialization process, turning Francis into Phrancis. Phrancis later fized the typo, and he became Francis again. (Theory created by The Toon Lyokon)

A further theory is that Francis purposefully allowed coins in the dump to work members up into a posting frenzy, overloading the board and deleting it.

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