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[edit] Kara's Dumb Opinion

No one's supposed to edit anyone else's pages without permission, but I'm allowed. This is Kara.

Name: Amanda, the Nazi Mod
Age: Physically, 23; mentally, 12
Height: 4'-nothing
Weight: Unknown, due to the massive amounts of bracelets, and other noisy things, she wears.
Hair Color: This is relative to her mood.
Eye Color: Bloodshot.

Personality: Amanda is an odd breed of metahuman: a genetic hybrid, combining Hitsugaya and Dante into one teenie, tiny package of multiple, eye-burning colors and awful band T-Shirts. She's not as bad as she, or Kara, typically make her out to be. But she shur iz funneh, mama.

Voice: Kara is amazed she still (1) sounds like a Yank, she talks to Amanda so much, and (2) is surprised she can still hear from the shrill shriek of the Amanda.

Nicknames: Well, aside from things like Butthead and whatnot, there's the fact that she's called the DE, or the Dante-Equivalent. There's a reason for that. NOTHING SHE DOES IS QUIET OR WITHOUT ANGER......... That, and she's awesome as Dante.

Her Future: One day, in the future, she will be the Hitsugaya to Kara's Matsumoto. And the wee Dante to Kara's... I dunno. Eva or Trish. Those DMC freaks aren't giving Kara a choice there. >.>

Music: She listens to weird shit. LIKE ROCKABILLY. But that's okay. Because the Camel Song is rockabilly, therefore that genre is Kara's best friend for life, aside from Amanda, and clearly that alone validates Amanda as a human being.

[edit] Contact

You can find me at the following places:

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