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An intimate portrait of Kara.
Name: Kara, the buttface mod.

Age: Physically: 23; Mentally: 97
Height: Too big for her britches.
Weight: Even I'm not that rude.
Hair Color: Something boring.
Eye Color: More bloodshot than Amanda's.
Personality: And here I thought 'buttface' summed it all up. Mean. Evil. MEAN. Oppressive to her DE. Mean. A poophead. Mean. Most of the time. Looks like a granneh with her boring 'conservative' office casual. PFFFT.
Voice: Damn Yank.
Nicknames: Buttface. Cum bubble. VE, or Vergil-Equivalent because she's JUST AS MEAN AS Vergil. And as boring, too.  :)
Future: THE DESTRUCTION OF MANKIND AS WE KNOW IT. Either that, or she'll end up in a big suit of armor with a glowing crotch, with a dorky, techno themesong. Whatever works.
Music: That weird crap nobody else would be caught dead listening to. That's okay, we can't all have amazing musical tastes like her DE, Amanda. Amanda's TRYING to show her the light.

[edit] Contact Information

AIM: IronyofMankind

More pending, because FireFox (yes, FireFox) ATE IT ALL.

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