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Hitsugaya Toushirou, the baby genius...And Vergil's mini-me.
Hitsugaya comes from Bleach, the manga by Kubo Tite, or Tite Kubo, however you want to go about writing it. So, yes, he is manga canon, as the mun has a distinct distaste for the anime and prefers the pretty black and white drawings. He entered Desai University after the Soul Society arc, just before things with the arrancars really got rolling.

He's captain of the 10th Division, his vice-captain being Matsumoto Rangiku, a busty blonde who seems to enjoy letting him use her boobies as earmuffs. In fact, it's a wonder she hasn't suffocated him to (second) death with those things, the way she glomps the poor kid.

Hitsugaya is munned by Amanda.

[edit] The Basics

Name: Hitsugaya Toushirou
Age: Who knows? He looks twelve, though is no doubt ages older.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green

[edit] Personality

Hitsugaya is unusually serious and mature, for someone of his apparent age. He also has a bit of an ego, but we'll get to that later. For the most part, Hitsugaya comes across as being very no-nonsense, very serious, and a borderline workaholic. And...That's true, for the most part. He finds value in hard work, be it in fighting, paperwork, or making up back assignments from before he even entered the university. And he expects everyone around him to do the same. Of course, it doesn't work that way, but in Hitsugaya's perfect little dreamworld, they would, and they would like it. In this respect, he reflects the true temperment of his zodialogical sign, Sagittarius. About the only thing he's really missing is the height, and therefore, some (namely a certain Zaraki Kenpachi) say he has a Napoleonic Complex.

However, Hitsugaya also acts his apparent age sometimes. He likes a good, well-placed snark every now and then, is fiercely loyal to both Matsumoto and his childhood friend, Momo (being willing to fight for her even after she's threatened his life), and to the side of right in general, even though it's obvious he's not adverse to bending a few rules to get things done. However, it also seems like, because of his height and age, he has a hard time getting people to take him seriously, and this is something he works hard at, and probably why he presents himself as so much older than he actually is, in order to gain some respect.

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