UG/Tell the black girl to take your ass

From Create Your Own Story

"Please don't put that monster in me," you whimper. "Put it up my butt if you must."

The black girl's voice is commanding. "Okay. I'll ravage your ass, then."

She rams into you, thrusting the full length of the strap-on inside your rear at once. You feel her leaning forward, her breasts pressing into your back as she pounds you hard and fast. Her hand slides between your legs and teases your slit, while her fingertip rubs your love button. To your surprise, you actually find yourself getting turned on.

The girl notices. "You like this," she hisses. "You like being bent over and having your ass pounded."

Your response is a series of moans. You find yourself rapidly approaching a climax. Judging by the noises coming from behind you, the black girl is also getting hot.

"Ohhhhhhh..." you pant. Your body spasms and your legs lock as an orgasm rips through you. The black girl's body quivers against you.

She slips her hand from between your legs, and pulls out. "That was good," she grins. "We both climaxed simultaneously." She pauses for a moment.

You stand up and turn to face her. "What are you thinking?"

She pulls you, gently this time, into an embrace. "You handled that quite well. Would you like to be my girlfriend?" Her eyes sparkle with a genuine smile. "You're Lynda, right?" You nod. "I'm Della."

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