UG/Tell Della you're not yet ready for a relationship

From Create Your Own Story

"I'm... not sure about that," you mumble. "I've... never had a relationship before."

Della gives you a gentle smile. "It's OK, Lynda. You don't have to say yes right away." She wraps you in her arms again and gives you a long kiss. "But I'd definitely love a few more sessions of hot sex with you."

"Uhh..." you mutter, staring at the floor.

Della starts pulling on her clothes. "Time to split. We don't want to get caught naked in here."

"No, we don't," you agree, hastily dressing.

After school the next day, you're again ambushed by Della. This time she takes you over to the athletic fields and introduces you to her muscular friends on some of the teams. The muscle-bound, pale-skinned Bertha is a shotputter, the well-built, slim, strong, dark-skinned Cassie is a distance runner, and the all-around large Hispanic girl Blanca is a discus thrower. They all give you sexy smiles.

"Lynda, is it?" Blanca giggles. "Della wasn't exaggerating your beauty."

"T-thank you," you stammer, blushing.

"Time to practice," she smiles. "Don't go anywhere."

You in fact are impressed as you watch the various athletes in action. You finish your homework in the time it takes for them to practice. Blanca wraps an arm the size of a small tree around you as she approaches, having completed her routine.

"I finished my homework in study period," she purrs. "Since neither of us have to worry about that, I think I'll try you out."

"Uh..." you start to say.

Blanca cuts you off by locking your body against hers, with your head pressed into her chest. 30 minutes later, you're both naked in her bed. "How should we warm each other up?" she husks.

You're not quite certain where exactly you lost control of the situation.

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