UG/Agree to be Della's girlfriend

From Create Your Own Story

"I could do that," you say. "But didn't you say you were dating Marcus?"

Della laughs. "Lynda, Marcus doesn't care. He just doesn't want any other boy porking me."

You blink. "Oh... okay. In that case... sure."

Della pulls your naked body against hers and gives you a deep kiss. "Last chance to say no. I'm warning you now, I need a lot of satisfying."

"I think I'm up for it," you squeak.

Della nibbles your neck. "Meet me after school tomorrow at my house." She finds her book bag, digs out a pencil and paper, and writes down an address. "Now get dressed and vamoose. We don't want to be caught naked in this room."

The next day, you and Della blow through homework and studying very quickly. After you both get naked, Della surprises you by tying you, naked, face-up and spread-eagled, to her bed.

"I warned you I need a lot of satisfying," Della grins. "So you have two choices, Lynda. You can either lick my pussy while I finger you, or I can break out my double-headed vibrator with the flexible tubing in the middle."

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