UG/Tell Della to break out her double-headed vibrator

From Create Your Own Story

Your eyes twinkle at Della. "A double-headed vibrator, you say? Sounds, um, interesting."

Della laughs. "I see." She extracts the vibrator from her end-table drawer and rubs one end against each of your slits until you're both juicing. Then she slides it into you and mounts the other end, lying on top of you. Her lips meet yours in a long kiss and her movements drive the toy in and out of your tight, hot box. You moan into Della's mouth.

"Mmmmm," she purrs as she breaks the kiss. "You feel marvelous against me, Lynda." She lifts her torso and you tilt your head up to suckle her breasts. Just then your orgasm hits and your entire body quivers. Della doesn't slow her own motion in the slightest even as she climaxes as well. You lose yourself in a haze of lust.

Eventually, after repeated climaxes, your body is overwhelmed. Your eyes close as yet another orgasm [you've long since lost count] rips through you. You fall into a dreamlike state. In rare moments of half-consciousness you vaguely think your limbs are being unbound. You hear a sound like a bee buzzing for a moment as you fade back into unconsciousness. Della is talking in your dream...

"Hello, Lynda. So this is where you went."

You come out of your daze. "Mom?!"

"I called and she answered your phone," Mom laughs, gesturing to Della. "She gave me directions."

Della smiles. "Your daughter is smart, nice, and beautiful."

Mom grins. "You look out of it, Lynda. Maybe you should stay here for the night."

You look at your watch. Amazingly, it's only 7:30 p.m. But you feel more spent than you've ever been.

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