UG/17 Years Old

From Create Your Own Story

You are 17-year-old Lynda, a senior in high school. You are somewhat nerdy, skinny, have a B-cup chest [barely], wear glasses and get picked on a lot. You've never had a serious boyfriend.

Your last class of the day has just ended, and as usual, nobody wants to talk to you. You shuffle slowly down the hallway, lost in your morose thoughts. You're approaching the school gym.

"Hey, geek girl."

"My name is Lynda," you grump.

A strong arm wraps around your waist and lifts you off the ground. "Okay, Lynda. You're going to be the special guest at our little after-school party."

You look up to see that the arm holding you is attached to the body of Jeff, the school's star quarterback. He's tall, blond-haired, and ruggedly handsome, with a chiseled, muscular frame. He carries you rapidly towards the boys' locker room. "Um..." you squeak.

"Don't worry," Jeff sniggers. "You'll get plenty of action. I'll bet you've never even had sex before, geekazoid."

By now, you're inside the locker room. Two of the other star players, enormous black lineman Marcus and slim, muscular, red-headed wide reciever Lance, are waiting. They look at your body appraisingly.

"We can do this two ways," Lance tells you. "You strip down and enjoy it, or you struggle and don't enjoy it. Either way, you're going to party hearty this afternoon."

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