UG/Remove your clothes on your own, relax and try to enjoy what's coming

From Create Your Own Story

There's absolutely no way you can escape. You relax your muscles. "Just let me get these clothes off," you say.

By the time you strip, all 3 athletes are naked as well. Jeff carries you over to a large, padded platform. "We use this for keeping injured players comfortable," he explains. "Okay, boys. Warm her up."

Two mouths clamp onto your nipples and begin sucking, while a tongue teases your slit. After a minute or two, your juices are flowing.

"She's ready," Marcus grunts.

Your legs are spread wide and a pillow placed beneath your rump, giving access to your back channel. Marcus, you notice, puts a condom on his massive piece of black man meat. He slowly pushes inward, breaking your hymen. You can't squeal in pain because Jeff's rod is pushing its way deep into your mouth. You feel Lance's pole invade your rear tunnel and feel so stuffed with cock you think you're going to burst.

The three of them move gently at first, letting your body adjust to the sensations, but soon enough they're all pounding you deep and hard. You lose control of your body as orgasm after orgasm rips through you. Marcus's huge rod is hitting spots inside you you didn't know you had. They all climax at about the same time, Jeff firing his load down your throat as Lance leaves his semen behind in your rear. Marcus's jism is contained by the condom. They all pull out, leaving you feeling suddenly empty.

"Not bad, girl," Jeff grins. "You're welcome to party with us any time."

You're too drained to respond. You lie on the platform trying to summon the strength to move or speak. The boys quickly dress, and Jeff drops your clothes and your backpack in a heap on the platform.

A minute or two later, you hear them leave. You finally have the energy to dress, but do you want to clean up first?

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